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The Milkman Delights - Bubble Milk (60ML)

The Milkman Delights - Bubble Milk (60ML)

60ml Bottle

Bubble Milk is a premium loose-leaf jasmine tea steeped to perfection. The bright and floral notes of jasmine green have been carefully balanced with a rich, creamy milk, and a rigorously-crafted honey-glazed boba flavor finishes it off with precision. You’ll taste the rich, creamy sweetness of Bubble Milk brilliantly on the inhale, and the fresh scent of jasmine blossoms will satisfy your senses with every exhale.

And as always, Bubble Milk handily meets the Milkman's exemplary standards of excellence you know you can count on, with every delicious batch meticulously crafted and bottled in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Flavor Profile: Jasmine milk tea with honey glazed boba.

Child-resistant cap
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Bottle

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